• Smelly sleeping bag?
  • We collect your sleeping bag
  • We gently clean it
  • We return it Squeaky Clean

Is your sleeping bag starting to smell?

When your sleeping bag is starting to smell, and you know you can't put it in the washing machine or take it to the dry cleaners, it can be a real faff. We can make it simple.

We'll collect, clean, and return your sleeping bag in seven days.

Step 1: Pickup

Our courier collects your sleeping bag from your home or place of work tomorrow.

Step 2: Cleaning

We carefully clean your sleeping bag with natural detergent and removing dirt, stains and odours.

Step 3: Back to you

As soon we're done, we'll carefully pack your bag up and post it back to you. All clean.

Step 4: Adventure!

Your sleeping bag is ready and squeaky-clean for your next adventure!

How we clean your bag


Our Approach

When sleeping bags be so fragile, it's important to clean them in a way that doesn't damage the precious down filling.

  • We delicately and methodically clean the bag, removing stains and the dirt of everyday use
  • As your sleeping bag is cleaned, the odours and smells start to go away
  • We then use a natural softener to make your sleeping bag feel nice and cosy again.
  • Our detergent is envrionmentally friendly and cleans the last bits of dirt from your down.

Former smelly sleeping bag owners


"My daughter came back from her DofE expedition and her bag STANK! No more."


"I just got back from an expedition in Central Asia where I slept in my bag for 2 months. After a wash, it smells as good as new!"



"My girlfriend used to think my sleeping bag was dirty. Now it's super clean, she knows it's my mind instead."


"After 5 years of use, my North Face bag smelled quite bad. It's so much better now!"



Our team and some fun facts

Mr. Riy

Operations Chief, SleepyClean

88 Average number of times a sleeping bag is used
£165 Average cost of a new down sleeping bag
15 Years that a well looked after sleeping bag will last
1872 Date the sleeping bag was first patented

Stop your sleeping bag smelling?

  • Express Clean
  • £63
  • Returned to you in 72 hours
  • Remove stains, dirt & smells
  • Fully insured
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Stress free process

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do you clean synthetic filling sleeping bags?

Yes! We can clean synthetic sleeping bags with no problems at all. Book a pickup and let's get that sleeping bag back in shape!

Is my sleeping bag insured?

Yes. Your sleeping bag is insured from the moment it leaves your hands to the moment it arrives back. Transit, cleaning and return - peace of mind is guranteed the entire time!

How should I pack my sleeping bag for pickup?

We'll email you more detailed instructions as soon as you order - in short, we'll supply you with everything you need to get the bag to us. No faffing required!

What's your 30 day money back gurantee?

If you're not 100% happy with how your sleeping bag has been returned to you, we'll happily refund of the cleaning cost to you. We're that confident.

Still have questions?